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a brasileira do chiado

A Brasileira is the beating heart of Chiado and a literary, architectural, and artistic
treasure that is part of Lisbon’s history.
Stepping into A Brasileira do Chiado is like stepping back in time. One of Lisbon’s oldest and most emblematic cafés invites you to come inside and enjoy the meeting point of the intellectuals of times past, in a century-old space that preserves its original charm and elegance.


message by fernando pessoa special edition by
a brasileira do chiado

Published a year prior to the death of Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935) and described as a “small book of poems”, the work “Message” contains a total of 44 poems with the best known being “Portuguese Sea”. This literary piece earned the author the Antero de Quental Prize in the category of “poem or individual poetry” in the year of its publication. This literary work portrays the glorious past of Portugal in attempting to find a meaning for the grandeur of the feats of the Portuguese during the age of the Portuguese Discoveries, glorifying their symbolic value and expressing the belief that the revival inherent in his words shall restore the nation to the glories of past times.

A Brasileira do Chiado now provides this commemorative reedition of “Message” to celebrate the poet that sits upon our café terrace. This conveys the importance of understanding Fernando Pessoa within the scope of raising the profile of his works in a special edition exclusively on sale in A Brasileira and available in four different languages so that his poetry may travel the world.

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