A fun dialogue at A Brasileira

Luís de Oliveira Guimarães was born at the beginning of the 20th century and marked his time as a journalist, lecturer, dramatist, thinker, chronicler, and writer. Once he reported: «One afternoon Gualdino Gomes (1857-1948), a well-known journalist and theater critic whom Fialho de Almeida accused of not having a work, entered A Brasileira and asked the servant – the venerable João – for tea and cakes. João wasted no time with the snack.
– Are the cakes fresh? – asked Gualdino.
– If they’re fresh! They just came from the pastry factory…
Gualdino, fitting the monocle, replied:
– That doesn’t prove anything. I, too, just came from home and I’m 78 years old!».