Statue of Fernando Pessoa

Initially designed with the left arm raised and the right suspended, it was during a break that Lagoa Henriques, the master author of the work, took the book “Works of Fernando Pessoa” and opened it at random. He came across a poem by the poet: “The hand resting on the table / The abstract, forgotten hand / Margin of my life / The hand I placed on the table / Is a surprise even to me / Because it is not what we have / Or defines who we are not / With it we so do.» Instantly, the master sculptor had an epiphany as if he had just received a message from Pessoa himself, and decided to change the position of the arm, placing it on the table, as it is today, perpetuating the memory of one of the key figures of Modernist writing. The statue was unveiled on 13 June 1988 to mark the centenary of the poet’s birth, by Mário Soares, President of Portugal at the time.