The Café

The best coffee is from A Brasileira!
This is the slogan, created by Adriano Telles at the start of the 20th century, that would make A Brasileira coffee famous in its day.

the best coffee is from
a brasileira!

A signature of the brand that is an affirmation of the space where one of the most ingrained habits in Portuguese culture – having a coffee – was created, and where the well-known term “bica” was born.

Like the original purposes of its founder, and doing justice to the original motto, A Brasileira do Chiado continues to import coffee, especially from Brazil, which produces some of the most award-winning coffee beans in the world due to the excellence of the entire production process – from cultivation to roasting.

A Brasileira do Chiado’s own batch, resulting from a careful selection and blend of coffee bean varieties, has special and unique characteristics such as sweetness, body, and aroma, which make A Brasileira coffee a gourmet drink for true connoisseurs.

Besides being able to enjoy this pleasure in this mythical space, sitting at the table with Fernando Pessoa, you can recreate it at home. A Brasileira do Chiado sells packets of coffee so customers can take home a little of the magic that is having a cup of coffee at A Brasileira.

The specialities

The menu in A Brasileira offers options inspired by the Portuguese gastronomic tradition, full of poetry and history. The preamble is made up of very Portuguese starters such as Codfish Fritters with Limy Mayonnaise, Sautéed meat seasoned with Garlic or Prawns in Garlic and Coriander, which now join the traditional Beef Croquette with Mustard Sauce.

Then, the lightness of the various refreshing salads makes room for an apotheosis of traditional cuisine based on fresh and seasonal ingredients. Fish dishes include Cod Confit with Crunchy Corn Bread, Sea Bass Fillet or Linguini Nero with Shrimp. As meat options, PDO Lamb Chops and Smashed Potatoes or Grilled Iberian Pork with Asparagus Crumb, without forgetting the timeless classic Steak A Brasileira with coffee sauce. The Creamy Rice with a selection of fresh mushrooms and the Pasta with Tomato Sauce and Parmesan Cheese are the vegetarian options on the menu.

Asking for an encore in the unavoidable company of a bica, come the desserts. The delicious Brasileira’s Sweet Toast with Serra da Estrela cheese, the Sweet Rice Pudding and the Caramelized Pear with Vanilla Ice Cream are some of the suggestions to finish the show in a great way.