O Pátio das Cantigas

In this epic Portuguese film made in 1942, actor Ribeirinho plays the son of a bohemian played by Vasco Santana, who in turn wants to marry his neighbour, Ms Rosa, whose daughter had emigrated to Brazil. When Ms Rosa’s daughter returns to Portugal, Ribeirinho goes to ask her mother’s hand in marriage on his father’s behalf but ends up falling in love with her. In a scene deliciously acted by father and son, Ribeirinho confesses to his father that he is interested in Ms Rosa’s daughter, the Brazilian (“estar com fé na brasileira”). But, as was typical of Portuguese cinema at the time, he delivered the line as a pun: “Oh, father! What fault is it of mine if there is coffee at A Brasileira?” (“estar café na Brasileira”), a clear reference to A Brasileira do Chiado, much frequented by artists at the time.